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Welcome to Miller Camera Support Equipment

Founded in 1954, Miller Camera Support Equipment designs and delivers professional fluid heads and tripods to the film and television industry, providing support for the world’s leading camera operators. Celebrating sixty years in the industry, Miller is a long time, global leader in the field of contemporary camera support and holds the first patent for fluid head design for film cameras, which it obtained in 1946. Today, Miller’s tripod and camera support systems are frequently used during electronic news gatherings (ENG), electronic field production (EFP), and digital video applications by the world’s leading networks, production houses, corporate, educational and government institutions in more than 65 countries.


Creators of the Fluid Head

Before Eric Miller introduced the world's first patented fluid action tripod head in 1946, camera operators needed bulky and expensive gear driven assemblies, pan shots were inhibited and diagonal moves impossible. The Miller fluid head revolutionised film-making by giving operators the freedom to shoot more creatively, and reduced production costs of film that previously ended up on the cutting room floor.

Our objective over time has remained, to continually advance the design of pan and tilt heads and tripods to meet the evolving quality and environmental demands of cinematographers, news camera operators and event videographers.  

Everyday, Everywhere

Miller Camera Support products have been used continually by the world's leading camera operators for over 58 years. From the analogue ENG revolution to digital technology, Miller has always led by designing support products based on innovation, strength and reliability. The results speak for themselves with Miller tripod and camera support systems being used for electronic news gatherings (ENG), electronic field production (EFP) and digital video applications by the world's leading networks, productions hourses, corporate, educational and government institutions in over 65 countries.

Innovation at Miller

With over 58 years of listening to feedback from camera operators Miller has earned a reputation for vasatility and functionality.

From virtuality to reality. Conceived utilising the most advanced 3D software tools, the Miller camera support range is leading-edge precision from design to final test. The use of corrosion-resistant alloys, high-strength, impact resistance polymers and dust-proof, moisture resistant housings combine with sleek exterior design to produce the strongest, lightest products available.

Precision without Compromise

Reliable camera support is crucial, particularly when working in remote and difficult conditions. The Miller's obsession with quality is legendary and comes from uncompromising standards.

Based in Sydney, Australia the Miller manufacturing facilities are at the forefront of precision engineering.

Every Miller Camera Support product is subject to the most rigorous quality assurance procedure that begins in design and follows through in the entire materials selection, precision moulding, die-casting and machining process through to final delivery and after sales service.

All components of the Miller camera support equipment range are CNC-machined, then stringently tolerance tested before installation into sub-assemblies. Light, strong, dust proof and corrosion-resistant, all Miller camera support components are chosen for their ability to maintain strength and shape characteristics under the harshest temperature variations and climatic conditions.

3-Year Warranty

Leading camera support equipment manufacturer Miller has extended its warranty period to 3 years parts and labour on its complete fluid head, tripod and accessory range. “A revolution in our manufacturing process over the last four years has further refined component tolerances and hence product quality and reliability,” explains Miller's Managing
Director, Mark Clementson.

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