Quality & Privacy Policies



Miller Camera Support Equipment is a provider of quality designed and manufactured camera support systems.

The key objective of Miller Camera Support Equipment is to ensure that our products and services consistently meet and where possible exceed our customer requirements with an overall aim to enhancing customer satisfaction.

Miller Camera Support Equipment is committed to operating and continually improving an effective and efficient Quality Management System based on the framework and requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.


Miller Camera Support Equipment management and staff members are committed to running an effective quality system with the following objectives:



- Routinely review and continually improve the effectiveness and performance of the Quality Management System through the engagement and input
  of relevant stakeholders. 



- To engage our staff members through training to understand how their roles play a part in meeting our business goals and quality objectives.



- Implementing good quality practices to ensure our products and services meet and where possible exceed the requirements of our customers.



- Monitoring and evaluating the quality performance of our suppliers and implementing effective communications systems with them on quality


These objectives are fundamental to our future success.

Our management and staff members fully understand the value and responsibility of our Quality Management System.

We will always review and identify ways to continually improve the system to meet our own expectations and also those of our customers.



This is the privacy statement of Miller whose website location is http://www.miller.com.au

Miller Camera Support Equipment handles its visitors' information with the utmost respect, care and confidentiality.

Miller Camera Support Equipment collects and stores information to enable Miller and its associated websites to operate smoothly and improve content for visitors.

Miller Camera Support Equipment will in some cases use the information collected on the site for marketing purposes. This may be in the form of site updates, new product notifications or general sales information, and may include other companies in the Miller Group.

All information collected by Miller is stored as securely as possible and is available only to authorised Miller Camera Support Equipment staff.

Miller Camera Support Equipment will cooperate in any legal investigations of our visitors and will in this event surrender any information we are ordered to by a court.

Miller Camera Support Equipment accepts no responsibility for the privacy policies of any sites visitors can access through ours.