SOLO DV for One Man Bands!

07 April 2003

The Miller SOLO DV carbon fibre tripod fills the current DV support gap by combining silk-smooth fluid pan & tilt with an ultra light, rock solid spreaderless carbon tripod design. Add flick-of-a-switch selectable spring counterbalance, 75mm ball levelling and quick release at a new low price and SOLO systems are unbeatable.

Grant Clementson, Miller's MD, "The Pro DV shooter is a one man band aiming to optimise creativity and quality in a DV image. Their demands of stability, pro features and light weight compactness weren't being met. Sure, you can get friction heads on cheap, unstable tripods, you can get spreaderless tripods without ball levelling, heads without fluid or counterbalance, tripods that are too heavy or too large - you just couldn't get the best of all worlds in one package - until SOLO DV!"


The ultra-stable new precision carbon fibre SOLO DV tripod is a 75mm ball levelling 2-Stage telescopic design. The tripod features leg angle locks for quick set up at any height, thus eliminating the need for a ground or above ground spreader.

SOLO DV also boasts an operating height range from 8" - 63" (23cm - 160cm). Tripod transport length is a miserly 27" (70cm) and total system weight is less than 10lb (5kg).

THREE SOLO DV SYSTEMS launched at NAB 2003

The SOLO 5 system gets your PD150 right down to 8" and all the way up to 63" with rock solid stability and ultra-light weight. The SOLO 10 system does the same for 5lb - 10lb MiniDV from PD-150 to XL1 Midi-camcorders. True fluid drag, 75mm ball levelling, QR sliding camera plate, adjustable resistance, flick-of-a-switch selectable counterbalance, carbon fibre telescope tubing - bankable useability at an unbelievable price!


The SOLO 20 system rounds out the range and offers incredible price-performance with with a similar feature set, and ultra-light carbon support for 10lb XL-1 and 20lb DSR300 DVCAM payloads - at the flick of a switch.The SOLO 20, designed around the ubiquitous Miller DS20 features 'flick-of-a-switch' selectable counterbalance, plus a choice of ¼" & pin or ¼" & 3/8" screw mounts.


The telescoping Solo carbon fibre tripod is designed for single operator crews: it sets up to 63" (160cm) height in seconds and pack down to a compact 27" (70cm) for transport.

Lowest height is 8" (23mm) Selectable leg angle locks ensure rapid stabilisation, while the 75mm diecast alloy bowl offers quick levelling, optimum tortional rigidity and long term durability.