DS60 - Heavyweight - Variety & Versatility!

07 April 2003

The DS60 fluid head from Miller boasts the portability, features and strength to support mid-size sports/EFP cameras as well as 16/35 film cameras. The DS60 fluid head is designed around Miller's renowned fluid drag system, which offers 4 selectable stages of pan/tilt resistance from light to super-heavy. A 4-position counterbalance (CB) lets you alter the lens or battery pay-load without re-positioning the camera plate, while caliper pan/tilt locks and tilt safety lock guarantee shudder-free lock-off under adverse conditions.

DS60 innovations for Sports/EFP
  • 150mm Ball levelling for critical horizon adjustment
  • Capacity for portable EFP cameras with large barrel lens and 5" viewfinder
  • Rear mount drag, CB and pan/tilt lock for access to controls at all times
  • Solid telescoping pan handles to take all lens remote controls.
  • Euro Quick Release plate - 80x120mm for optimum camera attachment.
  • Mid-Level Spreader - for quick set-up on level or uneven surfaces.
DS60 innovations for Film production
  • 100mm sliding platform for offset loads like zoom lens and matte box
  • Optional flat base mounting, compatible with all Mitchell or 4-pin style tripods Eyepiece leveler adapter for Arriflex attachment.
  • HD dolly wheels - sturdy, smooth and detachable
  • Tie down hooks for additional attachment strength.
Miller DS60 systems are available with a range of 95kg (210lb) tripod choices to suit fixed or 'on-the-move' location shooting. The HD Single Stage alloy with 150mm ball mount provides rock solid support in any conditions. The HD Single Stage Flat Base tripod couples to the DS60 flat base option for secure platform mounting; while the HD 2-Stage Carbon fibre with 150mm ball mount offers an extended height range and more compact packdown length. All Miller HD tripods include fully variable mid-level spreader, spiked feet with attachable rubber pad feet.