Miller EFP Support for Southern Cross Truck

28 July 2003

Game Creek Productions’ Australian connections have strengthened following the purchase of 7 x Miller Arrow HD tripod systems for use with the mighty 53’ Southern Cross mobile production truck. Supplied by Miller Camera Support LLC (USA), the Arrow HD systems feature Miller’s heavy duty 2-Stage carbon fiber legs with mid level spreader, and provide support for the New Hampshire-based company’s Sony BVP-950 cameras and Canon 21 x 7.8 ENG lens combinations.

Game Creek’s flagship truck was so named by President Pat Sullivan after he witnessed an awesome display of the Southern Cross star constellation whilst climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2001. The name and memories of Australia obviously stuck.

With the industry’s largest Digital signal router, a 195 x 384 PESA Cheetah fed off an 80in/40out GVG Calypso Switcher, Southern Cross also features a 51’ expanding area, making it the largest physical and technical truck in the industry. A sports coverage regular, the key duties for Southern Cross include general entertainment events as well as national sporting programs like The Super Bowl, the NAB Finals and the NBA All Star Game.

Game Creek’s Jason Taubman and Paul Bonner are responsible for engineering design of Southern Cross, and help keep it and the company’s other four trucks on the road chasing weekly events that may be a thousand miles from each other.

Miller EFP support gains in sports market
Miller’s Arrow HD 100mm fluid and DS60 150mm ball levelling/flat based fluid head are gaining wide acceptance in the lightweight sports TV market, with to their incredibly smooth selectable fluid action and lightning quick payload rebalancing.

The Miller HD tripod’s high strength-to-weight ratio ensures fast, easy repositioning of  20-70lb camera/lens payloads up to the highest stadium roof. The rock solid HD tripod, new Mid spreader and a range of newly launched tracking dollies, complete the new look in EFP from Miller.

For further information or additional images please contact Heidi Tobin at or Fax +61 2 9438 2819

Game Creek - pic 1 Game Creek - pic 2
Game Creek President Pat Sullivan (right) with Miller's US sales manager Gus Harilaou, with one of their new Arrow systems in front of the Southern Cross 53' truck.   (l-r) Game Creek's Jason Taubman and Paul Bonner with Miller's US sales manager Gus Harilaou, standing with the new Miller Arrow HD tripod system in front of the massive Southern Cross 53' truck.

Game Creek - pic 3
53’ of Southern Cross truck make Game Creek’s flagship sports/event vehicle a stellar performer, easily handling regular gigs like the NBA All Star Game.