Activate your image world!

12 September 2008

Activate your image world!
Choose a diversely-creative camera support product for your next production

12th September 2008, The choice of tripod is not often considered to be a creative influence on your production. The tripod is more well-known for being that stable friend that holds the camera. However Miller is giving operators more opportunities to capture your image world

Offering a point of difference in tripods, there are endless options for all locations; Miller has a support choice to suit all active acquisition. Need speedy set up for news; Sprinter II offers a no-compromise ENG 2-stage carbon fibre tripod that‘s dependable and versatile in the field. Achieve varying heights with the SOLO range, a spreader-less solution for the more adventurous production.


Don’t let your camera support choice hinder your chance to produce creative shooting sequences. Having a steady shot allows the viewer to focus on the content in the frame. The story is told through the revealing of subjects and locations creating the emotional journey via the lens of your camera.

Acquisition is such an important part of the richness that today’s television audience is enjoying on their large screens.  Whether you are shooting hi-def images with HDV or HDCAM, or an array of P2 camera systems; the high performance precision of Miller’s Camera Support range provides fluid pan and tilt movement for capturing quality images.

Miller is also introducing NEW feature-filled fluid heads for more demanding HDV productions. The Compass 15 and Compass 20 bring performance selectable drag from the Arrow fluid head range in a more compact body with a 75mm bowl.

Compass Fluid heads integrate perfectly with the SOLO DV range of tripods offering lightweight and versatile tripod setups that provide an array of framing options without stressing production budgets.

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