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Studio Dollys

Miller Camera Support’s new Studio Dolly, featuring individually-selectable tracking and height-adjustable cable guards, takes advantage of a strengthened wheel design and solid diecast centre hub to boost strength and increase stability for lightweight studio and EFP camera support.

There are three Studio Dolly Models available: the Studio Dolly Standard with all-new-hub, wheel and tube design; the Studio Dolly Cable Guard which adds height adjustable cable guards to the Standard package; and the Studio Dolly Tracker with both cable guards and independantly selectable directional wheel tracking.

The Studio Dolly offers smooth and stable mobility to DS60/HD Studio/OB and Arrow HD/Sprinter tripod systems. Studio Dolly features Miller’s own Trak Lok wheel tracking system, a spring-loaded engaging mechanism that lets you fix the direction of one, two or all three wheels. For example, engaging two wheels and leaving the third free provides a circular, steerable action for rotational shooting. Engaging all three wheels delivers straight-line tracking, or crabbing action, for on-shot transitions.

In addition to the tracking feature, a foot-engagable brake on each wheel, plus larger, sealed roller bearings ensures rock-solid stability for static positioning. The new wheels on Studio Dolly also offer inertia-free startups, solid braking and ultra-smooth fluid-style rolling action.

Studio Dolly’s height-adjustable Cable Guards also eliminate the risk of on-shot instability by keeping studio floor cables from rolling under the dolly wheels.

Miller’s new dolly boasts an 810mm narrowest width dimension for safe maneuverability through standard doorways, while a collapsed length on only 615mm enhances portability. The ergonomically designed carry handle is molded into the dolly’s reinforced die-cast centre bracket for optimum carriage strength.

Studio dolly is now available and represents the first in a new generation of tripod dollies and studio support products designed to complement the quality and innovative features of Miller’s widely acclaimed Arrow and DS series fluid heads and Sprinter/HD tripods.