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Selectable Counterbalance for 75mm DV heads

With a flick-of-the-switch, the new DS10 extends your DV payload capability from Sony PD-X10 or Panasonic DX-100 palmcorders, right up to the Canon XL-1 or Sony DSR-250 'midi' DVcorders. Boasting true fluid action, sliding QR camera plate and 75mm ball levelling, the DS10 bundles with an extensive range of ENG-proven alloy and carbon fibre tripods for a complete range of MiniDV and DVCAM support systems - critical to DV shooters aiming for ultra-stable, truly professional images.   ds10 counter
Flick the Miller DS20 CB switch to '2' and you've just extended the tilt payload range of this true fluid action head by an impressive 5kg up to a maximum of 10kg (20lb). The flexibility offered by the versatile DS20 lets you support DV Streamcorders like the JVC DV300 as well as the Sony DSR300 DVCAM, with 75mm ball levelling, quick release tilt balance, adjust pan handle, and a choice of 1/4" and in or 1/4", 3/8" camera attachment. Constructed from lightweight diecast alloy, temperature-inert silicon fluid, and anti-corrosive control components, the DS20 takes on any field or studio DV task, from cost-conscious corporate up to 24/7 ENG.  ds20 counter