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Miller designer shoots out!

 The Shootout Film Competition, held annually in Newcastle, challenges entrants to produce a 7-minute film in only 24 hours, utilising only in-camera editing techniques and restricting shooting to the city centre, and dialogue to a specific object to be integrated into the story.  WOJ award

Self-confessed 'over-enthusiastic' industrial designers Wojciech Wawrzyniak and Jon Berengut, were last year’s runners up with the extremely well received Remake Of Planet Of The Apes, and this year took out the top gong - plus a cash and ‘industry package’ prize - with a comedic take on the silent movie genre titled, The Silentest Show On Earth.

Exhausted from an all-night editing session, and his day job as a designer in Miller Camera Support’s R&D team, Wojciech reflects on the mayhem of a 24-hour production. “The Shootout is truly a microcosm of the film making industry, allowing all who dare to experience the stresses and commotion that come with the budgetary and time constraints involved in making movies. In just four years, the festival has ballooned from a local Newcastle event to a major attraction that has this year drawn to it 167 teams of varying sizes from all around the nation.”

“And what of the recently acquired industry package prize? “I suppose we’ll just have to make a movie with it,” laments a weary Wojciech.