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SOLO VJ latest ENG tripod

Following the outstanding success of the SOLO DV telescoping carbon tripod, Miller has now launched its 100mm ENG big brother – the SOLO VJ.    solovjpr1

Designed for 10 – 40lb camcorders, SOLO VJ boasts an amazing 1.9m (74”) maximum height, while the 3-position leg angle locks take SOLO down to a ground-hugging 22cm (8.7”) - with absolute stability. The leg angle locks eliminate the need for a ground spreader, thus reducing the parts count and increasing operational reliability – a boost for the city rigours of ENG or the extremes of location production.

Existing telescoping tripod users will immediately notice that Miller SOLO tubes do not rotate when solovjpr2tightened, so you don’t have to tighten from the top down. This makes SOLO VJ both quicker and easier to deploy.   SOLO VJ also has a 25% greater height range than its main competitor as well as boasting integrated 100mm ball levelling and screw down spike/rubber feet combo.

SOLO VJ weighs only 3.1kg (6.8lb) yet offers the typically high torsional rigidity of standard dual tube 2-Stage tripods. In addition the neoprene upper tube covering provides excellent grip plus weather protection when the tripod is collapsed.solovjpr3

Miller’s detachable Air Cell (patented) shoulder strap offers easy and comfortable carriage, while the impact proof softcase or optional hard case satisfy all transport needs.