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Broadcast Asia reflects continued growth in SE Asia


Broadcast Asia’s return after a 2-year SARS-imposed hiatus was always going to be greeted with equal measures of anticipation and uncertainty. When show/conference organizers SES Allworld reported over 3,000 pre-registrations a week before the start date of June 15 we knew it would all be OK – despite the fact that three camera manufacturers and a couple of delivery giants weren’t going to exhibit.


Most exhibitors would now say that Broadcast Asia 2004 (BCA) in Singapore was a success, clicking 10,038 through the turnstiles to taste-test the wares of 864 exhibitors from 44 countries spread across of Halls 1 & 2 of Singapore Expo. The 56% overseas contingent, or more than 5000 non-Singaporeans, represented a significant slice of the SE Asian market for audio, video & delivery customers.

And most discussions Heidi Tobin, our Marketing Coordinator, and I (Brett Smith) had with dealers and customers were about upcoming projects: a strong sign that the broadcast/media industry is reflecting the same growth figures as the manufacturing sector in the SE Asian region.


In addition to Heidi and I on the stand, we enjoyed the support of Malaysian dealer, Tegas Automation’s Sales Manager Henry Yee and sales execs William Woo and Rayston Loh. Tegas boss, Seow Dan Ping even turned up to help out.

bca04_4Pete Daniell from KE Remote swung his crane off a corner of the stand that he owned, and certainly attracted a lot of attention with his rigid carbon fibre crane design. A big thanks to all the guys for once again helping with Miller’s success at the show.


bca04_650th anniversary theme

This year’s Miller stand was 36sqm of 50th anniversary celebration, with the huge 50th logo adorning back walls and signage, and the gold carpet adding a ’festive 50’ touch to proceedings. Wednesday night saw us as guests and hosts at Singapore Miller dealer, Cine Equipments offices, where MD, Siew Moi, graciously turned on a food and drink for the masses. A huge thanks to Simon Chew, Valerie Foo, Lisa and Linda, Charlotte, John Foo, Andrew Goh and Andrew Foo and of course Mei Yin for all their work with the party, and of course during the BCA show.


More thanks to partnersbca04_5

If you saw a lot of Miller tripods on the other stands at BCA, that is thanks to the following fantastic people: Nigel at PAG; Max and Janet at Panasonic; Frederick and Ken at JVC/Pinnacle; Andrew at Gigawave; Blakey, Anthony Wong and Kitties at Formatt, Brian at Autocue, William at Fujinon, Tom at Canon; and of course Peter Daneill frm KE Remote systems, who shared our stand, hopes and dreams for the week that was BCA 2004. Thanks, thanks and thanks.




Postscript: All part of the service
When you’re in tripods, it helps to know cameras, and Heidi Tobin certainly knows her Digital8’s from her DV’s. As a result the delightful IBC and IBIS publicity guru, Jan, scored a great bargain at Sim Lim Square under the bargaining guidance of Trader Tobin.  Good score Jan, see you in Penny Black next year.