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InterBEE abuzz with HD

Hi-definition widescreen production established itself well before television stations had the means to deliver HD quality interbee2to the home. By 2004 though, the InterBEE show, one hour’s pleasant commute from the centre of Tokyo, is HD central.

This year the DV v HD format battle got a little confusing with the general release of the professional version of Sony’s HDV-FX1 MiniDV High Def camera – the 1080i HVR-Z1U.

While it doesn’t have the 24P/25P progressive scan of the Panasonic DVX100 (Sony do a 24P ‘effect’ version) and neither of these camcorders have the lens interchange ability of Canon’s new XL-2, the Z1U has been the most awaited DV camcorder since the VX2000 took prosumer by storm last century.

So now it’s arrived, and being snapped up by the truckload, how do you support it? SOLO DV of course, along with the smoothest fluid head in the business: the DS10.

With 16:9 high resolution images demanding a greater degree of creativity and control, the stability of interbee_1SOLO DV and the graceful pan action of the DS10 become shooting essentials. You’ll also want the
extended height range that a telescoping tripod offers over a traditional tripod with spreader.

While the Arrow HD takes care of the big end of HD-town, you can now consider going SOLO when you choose to put HD in the palm of your hand.