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focus on SOLO

One of the world’s largest television networks by reach and size, China Central Television (CCTV), has again purchased a large quantity of Miller Sprinter ENG/EFP tripods and SOLO DV tripods for a wide range of production duties.


The decision to purchase Miller over all major competitors was a combination of strong local support from Miller’s Distributor, GuanHua Glory AV, as well as the successful packaging of highly featured support systems at an extremely competitive price.

CCTV purchased the tripods for its massive drama/lifestyle Production Department as well as for its Beijing HQ’d news operation. The Miller systems will support a variety of Sony production and Panasonic ENG camcorders in a variety of portable and powered configurations.

<focus> on SOLO

At the documentary end of CCTV, Miller’s highly successful carbon fiber telescoping tripod, the SOLO DV with DS20 true fluid head, is being used on one of China's most popular programs, <focus>. The program takes the DS20 SOLO systems on an endless journey across the length and breadth of Mainland China.

Miller has been supplying tripod systems to Chinese broadcasters since 1974, when then MD, Mr Ray Clementson joined an Australian trade delegation to Shanghai and Beijing. Since that time, Miller has become the leading supplier of video production and ENG tripods to CCTV, as well as to major provincial TV stations around China.