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ACS dips into Jack's Horizon!

On Wednesday evening, October 26, at the Roxy theatre where nearly 50 ACS members, cinematographers and students from different major networks, production companies and film schools gathered together, to enjoy the unforgettable Jack McCoy film “Blue Horizon”. The surfing night was organised by ACS NSW branch and Miller Camera Support.

From left: Ian Baseby, Jim Chrystal ACS, Jack McCoy and Butch Calderwood ACS OAM

Distinguished by filming some of the world’s best surfers in exotic locations across the globe, surfing cinematographer, Jack McCoy has been undertaking surf-filmmaking for 30 years. Already a veteran with over twenty films to his name including “Tubular Swells”, “TO’Day of Days”, and “Storm Riders”, “Blue Horizon” is an amazing addition to his legendary surfing works. This film not only records the unique and contrasting lifestyles of the starring world champion – Andy Irons and well-known ‘Soul Surfer’ Dave ‘Rasta’ Rastovich over the past two years, but also reflects the history of the sport. Through the eyes of Andy and Rasta, the film acknowledges where surfing has come from, where it is today, and where it might go in the future.

Roger Buckingham and Ian Baseby

The night began with the some similar history in shooting support, the theatre was adorned with a variety of Miller gear, including antique-like wooden tripods from the ACS archive mounted on top of a 1954 Dodge Truck, a recent addition to the Miller team. Also on display were a range of Solo Tripod systems like the model that Jack currently uses in the field. A relaxed chat with drinks and snacks warmed people up just before the screening.

Screening time flew quickly, as people immersed in a fascinating atmosphere. They appreciated the lovely pictures and heart-beating music, and kept raising all kinds of questions after the film to Jack about this film, the production process, and his life as well.

Following after question time, attendees got the chance to have a further friendly, face to face chat with Jack, where members got to investigate his underwater housing in more detail.

Thank you, Jack! For bringing us a wonderful short trip away from the busy city. Also for sharing with us your skilful shooting of the most challenging sport!

Click here to check out Jack McCoys website