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Miller Movin' Smooth in Switzerland

During August Miller Camera Support had the opportunity to accompany the JVC Professional Team on their Professional Studio Tour through Switzerland. The JVC "Studio on Tour" truck is making its way around Europe to showcase its product line to customers in Europe.

The Switzerland trip started with the Festival del Film in Locarno, then onto Zurich and Geneva it was a perfect experience for Miller Tripods and the European Manager for Miller, Mike Lippmann who commented "It was great to get out to the customers in Switzerland and have the opportunity to compliment the range of JVC cameras with our camera support equipment. The studio tour truck was a massive advantage in showing the production tools of both JVC and Miller."

The Professional Studio Tour 2007 comprises 33 tour stops in Europe – you can get demos and free professional video advice in your local area. For information on the JVC Studio on Tour check their dedicated website