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Extending HD Support for Chinese Professionals

We are continuously receiving good news from Guan Hua, our Chinese dealer about winning recent tenders in China. From the Xinhua Newsagency (which is the biggest newsagency in China), the newly built National Grand Theatre, and Beijing TV for its new building, all the way to Tianjin TV for the 'Woman's World Cup', and Chongqing TV's HD studio. The newly released Arrow range systems seem to be widely accepted by Chinese professionals.

Almost all of these Arrow systems are paired with HD cameras, such as Sony's HDW750, HDW-F900R and Panasonic's AJ-SPX900.

The new Arrow range are accurately manufactured and precisely assembled. Combined with more than 50 years history, they are built exactly to supply an ultra stable platform with smooth pan and tilt movement for highly demanding contemporary cameras.

The strengths of Miller that facilitate the 'win-win' tenders are not only just the 'point-of-excellence' systems, but the good relationship between our Chinese dealer, Guan Hua and its customers. As Greg Neal, Miller's General Manager says, 'Miller is very happy to have Guan Hua representing us in China and the excellent relationship we have with Guan Hua is a great advantage in the China market.'

Chen and Greg