Miller extends warranty to 3 years

Leading camera support manufacturer Miller has extended its warranty period to 3 years parts and labour on its complete fluid head, tripod and accessory range.

“A revolution in our manufacturing process over the last four years has further refined component tolerances and hence product quality and reliability,” explains Miller managing director, Grant Clementson. “By investing heavily in 3D CAD software and CAM-controlled CNC machines, our designers and production engineers have fully exploited current technology’s ability to deliver tighter, repeatable tolerances.”

Miller’s Quality Assurance Department has also implemented a CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine) for micron-level tolerance testing of components and sub-assemblies during the machining process. “This has led to even greater precision and durability in our assembled products and provided a flow-on cost-benefit of higher yield rates.”

Miller’s 3 year warranty on all ENG and EFP tripod systems will give new customers greater incentive to work with a company that boasts clients who are still professionally using Miller products they purchased up to 40 years ago.
Grant Clementson concludes, “Extending our warranty period gives our new customers the same assurance: that they will most likely be using their Miller system many years after their camera format is obsolete.”

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