Shanghai showcases shows and SOLO


stvf04_01The Shanghai TV & Film Festival, held at the beginning of June, is the only show Miller attends that combines hardware and programming – albeit in two separate halls. How else do you explain me following Shanghai’s most popular Drama stars as they parade in full attire around the show to the delight of more than 200 fans and photographers? Must have been the SOLO tripod I was carrying.


While the STVF was originally an opportunity to parade foreign wares before Shanghai TV and Radio (STR) engineers, managers and cameramen, the show now enjoys a wider and more varied group of visitors. In fact, most of the major TV players in Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province attend the show. Which was why Miller was there in full force on distributor, GuanHua AV Glory’s, stand along with Quantel, Otari, Avid and a range of other leading overseas manufacturers.


Miller on every stand

GuanHua marketing Manager Chen Guang Yu and GHG shanghai boss, Song Xiao Lu, had done a great job placing Miller tripods on every other camera stand at the show, with DS60 and Projib systems on the Thomson stand and Arrow 30, DS25 and SOLO systems completely filling the Sony and Panasonic booths. It’s great to see proof of Miller’s dominance of the lightweight camera support market now moving to south-eastern China .


STVF was a chance for me to catch up with old and new friends. I had just been to Shanghai, Hanghzhou and Nanjing a few weeks before the show, so it was great to once again see colleagues from the Zhejiang TV, Hangzhou TV, Nanjing TV & Jiangsu TV. Having recently supplied Miller tripods and fluid heads to these stations, it was a good chance to see how things were progressing – apparently very well, according to the engineers and cameramen.


stvf04_3As Miller continues to expand its support for Customers in China, so we will increase our support for regional exhibitions like STVF. At the same, we are already looking forward to our 10th successive BIRTV, with Beijing and CCTV continuing the ramp up towards gold medal coverage of Summer Olympics 2008. 

See you in Beijing in August.

Brett Smith
International Marketing Manager
& Asian Sales Manager


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