IBC breaks all DVD

With attendance up 10% to over 40,000 and 200 new exhibitors crammed into every square metre, IBC IBC 2004 The Miller Standappeared to be dishing it up for all comers. Exhibitor anticipation was high as, these days, there are no token shows: all stands must deliver.

Customers did come, but I must say that new friends were seriously outweighed by the welcome return of key customers and dealers who appear more buoyant about future OB and studio production capacity, in contrast to the last two years when downsizing was king.

Of the 11 halls at IBC, the best was left till last, especially if production lights your tally. So, Hall 11 was, once more, action central for every camera operator, grip, gaffer, lighting director, production engineer, TP or OB junkie. Every crane, portable and studio light, filter, bag, tripod, battery, test chart, must-have stabilizer gismo, and its competitor, was being demo-ed. In fact, IBC eclipses any other show for its ability to show the world of production under one roof without excessive tread wear. If you add Sony in 9, Panasonic in 10 and JVC in 8, your acquisition showbag overfloweth.

Arrow 30 and the new SOLO VJ 100mm carbon fibre telescoping tripod took centre stage on the Miller stand, though at times it played second fiddle to the amazing collection of historical and 2004 user images adorning our walls as part of Miller’s 50th birthday celebrations. These images, and the stories that they so graphically portray, embellish the already rich history of Miller camera support.

In-house machining, Assembly & testing reflected in qualityIBC 2004 - The History Wall

Miller quality continues to benefit from a manufacturing regime that sees more than 95% of our head and tripod components machined, assembled and QA’d in our Sydney head office and manufacturing facility. Less and less of our ENG competitors can now make this claim.

There is, however, a new chum in the market, so it is only left for Miller, balancing grace and competitiveness, to welcome them and say, “Good luck and may the best pan win.”

IBC 2004 - Brett and Dr Andrik P

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