Identity crisis for Miller HD support

Identity crisis for Miller HD support

Imagine starting your career playing a supporting role in Europe’s challenging documentary arena. Then, 1441sportswhen your strength and versatility are recognised, you find yourself shooting straight to the sideline eye as support for American NFL.

You’d have to come from an extremely stable background to handle the identity crisis. You’d have to be versatile but not too flexible: and definitely no cracking up and going foetal when the pressure’s on.

Potential Schizoid tendencies

Miller’s 1441 Heavy Duty support system is the strongest and lightest carbon fiber support system going around for all camera payloads from 10kg up to 25kg. That means it’s sleek and stealth-like for nature documentaries and roving sideline cameras, yet still boasts a 2-Stage height range for low angle and over-shoulder shots; plus, you can run up to the top of the stadium with it and shoot telephoto.

The 1441 system combines Miller’s flagship 7+7 Arrow HD fluid head with our 25mm carbon-tubed Heavy Duty 2-Stage tripod, and fully adjustable Mid Level Spreader for quick repositioning and shooting on uneven surfaces. Add telescopic handle, Euro-style quick release plate and rigid-walled softcase and you’ve got yourself strength and portability in a single 100mm package.

Behavior-seeking attention

So, whether it’s Peter Coleman following Frank’s footsteps in the Antarctic, Bjorn from Danmarks Radio shooting news, Spalywood in Belgium chasing woodpeckers, or Game Creek taking it out to the ballgame, the Miller 1441 HD system will always play its silent background role, preferring to make the subject shine to stellar heights.


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