Supporting a HD World!

We are living in a high definition world. Camera manufacturers are concentrating their product development programs on high definition formats. To achieve the higher quality images, each manufacturer has chosen a different path.

       Miller DS20 and Canon XL-H1

SONY, the first manufacturer to receive a wide acceptance into the acquisition HD world, launched the HVR-Z1P camcorder, which adopts ¼-inch HDV tape format. It combines three high-resolution 16:9, 1/3-inch mega pixel CCDs and records & plays back SD & 1080i HD signals; Another HDV camcorder, the CANON XL-H1 relies on superior Canon Optics and exceptional image processing to provide brilliant HD images; Panasonic introduced the AG-HVX200 DVCPROHD P2 hand-held camcorder. It features extraordinary 100 Mbps DVCPROHD quality images, variable frame rates to capture fast-motion and slow-motion action, and also a cine-like gamma curve to emulate the look of film.

With the aim to capture perfect images, using the new HDV format cameras, high quality camera support is vital. Even the slightest movement is inevitably more obvious in the high definition results of your image capture. Therefore consideration of the type of tripod used for your production is now much more important. The use of a true fluid head on professional tripod legs will help to achieve the smoothest pan and tilt actions in your production. This makes the editing process much easier with less footage in the trash bin due to unsteady or shaky footage made with a unstable or a friction –based pan/tilt head and tripod combination.

In order to achieve smooth camera operation, Miller Camera Support has taken into account the High Definition age to produce systems – from Solo5 to Solo20 that combine the true fluid pan/tilt heads with portable, lightweight and stable tripods. Providing silk-smooth movements for all camera models from MiniDV to HDV camcorders, Miller’s DV fluid head range meets all the critical requirements to make a creatively pictured production.

The Solo DV carbon fibre spreaderless tripod, which is suitable for all the above fluid heads, has three selectable leg angle locks to ensure rapid stabilisation, quick change of shooting angles and a height range from 40cm to 170cm. In addition, the Solo DV Alloy tripod, which was launched at IBC 05, inherits all the merits of the carbon fibre model, yet delivers an affordable, production-quality product to a wider range of broadcasters and video professionals.

Following is a compatibility chart for the three latest HDV camcorder models, and their recommended Miller systems:

Camcorder Model Support System Model Features
Panasonic HVX 200 1637 – Solo DS5 Alloy System 75mm ball levelling
0 – 2.5kg payload capacity
Quick release camera plate with ¼” & pin
Alloy 2-Stage telescoping
Leg angle locks for 8”-63” height range
Sony HVR-Z1P 1640 – Solo DS10 Alloy System
1511 – Solo DS10 C/F System
75mm ball levelling
2.5 – 5kg payload capacity
Flick-of-a-switch 5-10lb CB selection
Quick release sliding camera plate
Alloy/Carbon Fibre 2-Stage telescoping
Canon XL-H1 1643 – Solo DS20 Alloy System
1514 – Solo DS20 C/F System
75mm ball levelling
5 – 10kg payload capacity
Flick-of-a-switch 10-20lb CB selection
Quick release sliding camera plate
Alloy/Carbon Fibre 2-Stage telescoping

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