(390) Medium Duty 125mm Pro Dolly

A cost effective dolly for use with Miller 75mm and 100mm toggle style tripods, as used with the lightweight ENG/Studio system

(993) Mid-Level Spreader

The mid-level spreader design offers continuous variable adjustment between maximum and minimum height settings and assist the tripod in rapid setup and pull down by keeping the tripod legs at an equal or preset distance relative to each other.

(1208) Mini Euro Camera Plate

Mini Euro style quick release sliding camera platform with 60mm travel to suit Compass20 fluid head. Includes 1/4" & 3/8" screws for attachment.

(P7800) Mini Euro Sliding Plate Assembly

To suit Compass fluid heads with 60mm sliding travel for use with (1208) Mini Euro Camera Plate.

(455) MINI Tripod

The 2-stage Baby tripod features simple and traditional toggle locks. The 455 tripod offers a professional configuration of a 2-stage tripod using baby leg tube lengths. This 100mm alloy tripod support offers stable camera support for lightweight camcorder setups in confined spaces or when working with extreme low angles. This tripod includes baby ground spreader and baby tripod case.

# 2-Stage # 250 mm
(9.8 in)
# 520 mm
(20.5 in)
(1225) Mitchell Base Adaptor with Clamp

Miller’s new Mitchell Base Adaptor allows you to adapt the Ø 150 ball level Skyline 70 fluid head to Mitchell flat base tripods. Simply attach the Mitchell base adaptor to the Skyline 70 Ø 150 claw ball base using the 3 x socket cap screws supplied and you're set to go. Locates easily into flat base tripod with 3/8" location pin and with has an adjustable 3/8" stud which will accommodate various tripod base sections.

(835) Non telescopic Above Ground Spreader

The 835 Non-telescopic above ground spreader helps you to setup your tripod more easily on steps, slopes or uneven rocky terrain. The spreader achieves rapid set-up and pull down by keeping the tripod legs at a preset distance and is suitable for use with the 440 Lightweight Tripod.

(858) Offset Camera Plate

Offset your camera payload with an additional 60mm travel
The Offset Camera Plate can be attached between a Camera Payload and Quick Release Camera Plate of a fluid head to enable the payload of the system to move forward or backward to achieve an optimal centre of gravity. Payloads that are either front heavy such as larger lenses or teleprompters or back heavy loads with additional battery packs or viewfinders can achieve an additional 60mm of sliding range to achieve an optimal centre of gravity therefore enabling the payload to be effectively counterbalanced. For cameras that do not utilise Tripod Adaptor Plates, the Offset Camera Plate can also provide secure mounting of Mini DV Cameras to ENG style fluid heads, along with the new RED ONE Camera.

(1230) Pan Handle (HD) - Telescopic

To suit Cineline 70 and Skyline 70 fluid heads.

(1234) Pan handle - short grip

 To suit Cineline 70 & Skyline fluid heads.


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