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System: DS10 LW (alloy) (828)

Single Stage
Maximum Height:
1467 mm (57.8 in)
Minimum Height:
757 mm (29.8 in)
Mounting Standard:
75mm Ball Levelling
Payload Capacity:
5.00 kg (11 lbs)
Payload Range:
2.5-5 kg
Transport Length:
967 mm (38.1 in)
5.00 kg (11 lbs)

Counterbalance Performance:

Counterbalance Performance

System DS10 LW (alloy) with above ground spreader

System DS10 LW (alloy) with above ground spreader

The DS10 828, with carry case, supports Ultralight DVCAM corders with a rock-solid, lightweight tripod plus Miller's silk-smooth fluid action DS10 fluid head.


  • Fluid Pan and Tilt with friction boost drag
  • 2-position selectable counterbalance system
  • Lightweight Alloy single-stage tripod
  • Reinforced Cordura Softcase



DS10 Fluid Head:
#   DS10 Fluid Head (182)
DS10 Fluid Head
Tripod Rubber Feet:
#   Tripod Rubber Feet (550)
Tripod Rubber Feet
Non telescopic Above Ground Spreader:
#   Non telescopic Above Ground Spreader (835)
Non telescopic Above Ground Spreader
DS Softcase:
#   DS Softcase (874)
DS Softcase - 1 Stage
Shoulder strap (padded):
#   Shoulder strap (padded) (554)
Shoulder strap (padded)
Fixed Length Pan Handle for DS5/DS10/DS20 Fluid Heads:
#   Fixed Length Pan Handle for DS5/DS10/DS20 Fluid Heads (681)
Fixed Length Pan Handle for DS5/DS10/DS20 Fluid Heads
Toggle DV 1 stage:
#   Toggle DV 1 stage (440)
Toggle DV 1 stage

Optional components:

Lightweight 75mm Pro Dolly:
#   Lightweight 75mm Pro Dolly (391)
Lightweight LW Dolly
Medium Duty 125mm Pro Dolly:
#   Medium Duty 125mm Pro Dolly (390)
Medium Duty Dolly
Solo Dolly:
#   Solo Dolly (394)
Solo Dolly
Tripod Bowl Adaptor:
#   Tripod Bowl Adaptor (378)
100mm to 75mm Tripod Bowl Adaptor
Solo Strap:
#   Solo Strap (1520)
Solo Carry Strap
Compass Camera Plate:
#   Compass Camera Plate (1204)
Compass Camera Plate


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