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Toggle: MINI Tripod (455)

Spreader Type:
Ground Spreader
Tripod Series:
Transport Length:
350 mm (13.8 in)
Payload Capacity:
25.00 kg (55.1 lbs)
Minimum Height:
250 mm (9.8 in)
Maximum Height:
520 mm (20.5 in)
Lock Type:
Bowl Diameter:
100 mm (3.9 in)
2.80 kg (6.2 lbs)
2-Stage Baby 100mm Alloy Tripod

2-Stage Baby 100mm Alloy Tripod

The 2-stage Baby tripod features simple and traditional toggle locks. The 455 tripod offers a professional configuration of a 2-stage tripod using baby leg tube lengths. This 100mm alloy tripod support offers stable camera support for lightweight camcorder setups in confined spaces or when working with extreme low angles. This tripod includes baby ground spreader and baby tripod case.


  • Includes softcase and ground spreader
  • Ready for your special application


Compatible with:

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#   Medium Duty 125mm Pro Dolly (390)
Medium Duty Dolly
Tripod Rubber Feet: Tripod Rubber Feet
#   Tripod Rubber Feet (550)
Tripod Rubber Feet
Baby On ground spreader: Baby On ground spreader
#   Baby On ground spreader (462)
Baby On ground spreader


Miller Sharpshooters

#   Miller Embarks on European Excursion with Filmmaker for A Cause  |  USA
To assist in the creation of these films, Miller donated its exemplary Arrow 55 Sprinter II 2-Stage Carbon Fibre System, Arrow Accessory Mounting Bracket and Adaptor, as well as its MINI Tripod, to help Filmmaker For A Cause bring its visions to life.