Miller Sharpshooters


Miller Sharpshooters is a collection of news items and user stories straight from the ground level.

#   Miller Celebrates 60 Years | UK
Some camera innovations are so fundamental that it is impossible to imagine the world of television camerawork without them. The fluid action head, first patented by Australian company Miller, is a perfect example of one such invention. As GTC sponsors Miller prepare to celebrate 60 years of supplying the film and television industry with high-end tripods... 

#   A shooting story from an award-winning DoP and Cinematographer | USA
I started out in the film business over twenty years ago, shooting wildlife documentaries for Oxford Scientific Films (OSF). From the 1960’s on, they had been at the forefront of developing specialist equipment to shoot stories that always pushed the limits of technical and creative innovation. 

#   Shooting Belize: Challenges Amid Beauty - Mobile, EFP-Style Solutions That Rock | USA
Mobile outdoor productions are always challenging! Crews end up carrying equipment continually, dealing with changes in weather, constant technical issues, and a seemingly endless parade of situations to solve. Good camera support is a must. 

#   System Air User Review | Australia
Miller has conducted an interview with one of the first users of the newly released Air system - Justin Pamenter. Based in Queensland, Australia, Justin is an experienced CG & VFX instructor, independent contractor and consultant. He was awarded as the Digital Tutors CG & VFX Instructor of the Year 2013. 

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