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Grueling temps for Polar Glimpses

Jim Kinsey in the Artic

I have been on the road filming in the Arctic and Nebraska. We tried to catch up with a Polar bear in temps as low as -70 below zero. The Solo DV system went through hell and back under the most grueling conditions I have ever filmed in throughout the world. I even used it to steady myself while climbing an iceberg by unscrewing the feet to expose the spikes. That's what I call improvising. No issues at all and I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy that I can depend on my Miller Solo DV system in any type of conditions that Mother Nature can dish out.

If the grueling Arctic wasn’t enough for the tripod
I thought that I would take it through the thick cedar and oak river bottoms of Northeast Nebraska for three weeks of run and gun Merriam turkey hunting. Being able to set up quickly and level my tripod while all the time wondering if the ever-elusive turkey with eyes of an eagle was watching was tough enough. The lightweight system proved over and over through the coarse of a day to help my stamina. Not having to lug around heavy sticks proved to be a real lifesaver.

Jim Kinsey in the articI can say that in my travels throughout the world Miller camera support systems are reliable and extremely durable giving me the confidence that every shot shines through.

Next stop, New Zealand May 20th through the 31st of May then off to Zimbabwe, Africa June 21st through July 4th. I will keep you posted along the way.

Jim Kinsey



(1511) DS10 Solo 75-2 (carbon fibre)

The DS10 Solo system combines the ultralight, ultra rigid carbon fibre Solo tripod with the versatile DS10 75mm ball levelling head & selectable counterbalance. With a height range from 757mm/29.8" all the way up to 1467mm/57.6" DS10 Solo 75 CF system suits 2.5-5 kg/5.5-11 lbs MiniDV and DVCAM payloads from barebones to fully stacked PD150 or Canon XL-1.