Miller Sharpshooters

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Ties into Mountainous Adventures

Another part of the six-part adventure was taking Wendy Matthews to her homeland Canada. The crew from "The Ties That Bind" covered alot of mountainous ground and were glad that their Miller system proved to be a small lightweight kit that trekking through the mountains was not a weighty problem. But the Miller DS5 system still gave them a solid base to work with.

Along with the DS5 head which Dave Kelly the teams DOP said performed with nice, smooth and solid pan and tilt movements, even though they were using a extremely light camera with the adjustable drag resistance on the head they had no problems getting the quality shots they needed.

After a year and a half of production "The Ties That Bind" was officially launched by the NSW premier Bob Carr last month. The program received an enormous response for its first run on Foxtels' History Channel and being the highest rating show it was re-run during February on Fox 8. The success of the first series has brought about another six episodes which we hope that Eden and Dave with their Miller support keep up the great work!

 Dkelly Canada

NEWS FLASH "The Ties that Bind" nominated for Logie Award in the "Most Outstanding Achievement in a Documentary" check out for further info.