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Discovering Mud & More

Kyme Hallion of Hallion Productions is one the busiest TVC and freelance production cameramen in the South East Asian and Asia-Pacific region.

Based in Singapore, but constanty roaming around the region, Kyme works with international broadcasters, tvc agencies and programming clients that include CNN, MTV and Discovery Channel. He also provides complete camera crews to shoot production events such as December's MTV Asia Awards. Kyme's work takes him to almost every location possible in Asia, where he, his crew, and their equipment have to quickly adapt to the local conditions.

NZ Hallion

In October 2001, Kyme contacted Miller to purchase 2 of the new Arrow HD/sprinter Carbon 2-Stage systems to replace existing equipment and cope with an increasing workload. "We were sending a crew up to Pakistan to cover the War on Terrorism, and needed extra tripods in a hurry. I hadn't used Miller before, but I had seen the Miller (Arrow) HD around. I decided to go ahead and before I knew it, the tripods wer in Islamad and we were shooting!"

First on the slate for Hallion Productions in 2002 was work in Singapore for CNN and MTV Asia, then it was off to New Zealand for Discovery Channel. "The (Arrow) HD worked really well in some pretty adverse conditions, inlcuding when we were shooting around boiling mud pools." added Kyme. After completing the Discovery Channel shoot, Kyme found himself in the bat caves of Thailand for an MTV project.

Throughout the variety of the last 4 months, Kyme was extremely satisfied with how the Arrow HD pand and tilt action performed, and how his new Miller sticks handled the conditions. "I think the Miller HD is a great tripod and this has moved me away from (insert EC competitor's name here)."