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Life's a beach for Stelios

Stelios Apostolopolous has been a Miller Arrow 50 user since March 1999 and while the locations he shoots in are idyllic, the scope of his projects gives his gear a thorough workout.

Stelios Apostolopolous"I shoot documentaries, wild life, feature films, short films and art videos as well as the occasional TV commercials and video clips," explains a busy Stelios. Recently, he needed a high level of stability for a wildlife documentary on Gypaetus barbatus (the bearded vulture), an endangered species inhabiting mountainous areas of Crete. "I needed a lightweight camera and extremely telephoto lenses because the bird is anthropophobic. I chose the Canon XL-1 and 35-350 mm Canon lens with 2 times ex-tender, which comes up to a horizontal angle of view of 0.35 degree. I therefore needed a heavier and very smooth fluid head than those usually used with Mini DV. After extensive research I selected the Arrow 50, which combined excellent operation, very good ergonomics and was comparatively lighter and more compact with the 2-stage tripod. The whole configuration let us move faster and with less trouble on the mountains."

Next stop Syria for science shoot Stelios next used his Canon/Miller combo for a wildlife project in Syria, covering a scientific expedition of the Natural History Museum of Crete. "Again, thanks to my gear, I had flexibility and discretion. Both are very important during observation and monitoring of wildlife. In this project, I had the chance to enjoy the excellent operation of the Arrow 50 shooting tiny bugs and caterpillars with extremely macro lenses."