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Matt's View to a Krill

Matt Cadwallader is both adventurer and cinematographer. Matt recently returned from a joint American/Chinese research expedition to investigate the effect of carbon and phytoplankton (Krill food) on the ocean's ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Matt CadwalladerMatt's role on the six-week Antarctic expedition was both field technician (retrieving sediment trap moorings) and photographer, which involved photo-documenting the cruise and expedition activities for video presentation and internet dissemination. The title of the project: Icestory 2000. Matt and his gear, which includes a Sony PD100 and Miller DS20 DV support system, are no strangers to harsh environments.

He tells of his experiences during Icestory 2000 in -30°C temperatures and 60 knot winds: "Having already spent a summer on the Antarctic continent last year I knew the importance of a reliable and efficient camera and tripod system to deal with the extreme conditions," explains Matt. "Although I was only going to be shooting with a small Sony PD 100, the guys at Miller Fluid Heads in Sydney were really interested in my coming assignment and ensuring I had the best system possible.

They recommended the heavier sprung DS 20 head, two-stage aluminium legs and a beefier bag with plenty of zips and a special insert to cradle and protect the head whilst in transit." "The legs allowed me to get nice and low, resulting in more intimate moments with seals and penguins while the DS 20 head with its wonderful movement really made the difference while the Katabatic winds howled off the Antarctic Ice-shield at up to 60 knots! With all the opportunities for my new tripod system to be damaged in transit, my baby arrived safe and sound, ready for work - no less than I would expect from an Australian company with the reputation of Miller Fluid Heads. Many thanks to all the team for their continuing support!"



(848) DS20 2-stage (alloy)

2-Stage height versatility in a solid support package provides DVCAM/ DVCPRO users with cost-effective support option with full broadcast performance.