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Black Magic Media - Torching Success in Manchester

 Sydney based Black Magic Media's exceptional daily news coverage of the 2002 Queen's Jubilee Baton Relay leading up to the Manchester Commonwealth Games harked back to where their fascination for fire began: with round-the-world coverage (for BBC and many other leading broadcasters) of the 2000 Summer Olympics Torch Relay.

Black Magic Comm Games

The Manchester Baton spent more than 80 days travelling 24 Commonwealth countries before arriving in Belfast to begin its 50 day tour of Great Britain early in June leading up to the start in Manchester. For Black Magic principal Paul Mullan and his team of Mike Smith (camera), Robert McDougall (editor) and Trevor Seaman (driver) it was a chance to expand on the experience gained during the Torch Relay. "We had no technical problems in the 120 days on the road for the Olympic Torch so we were comfortable with the prospect of 50 days in Great Britain without the comfort of local technical support. We discovered the benefit of Miller's new Arrow HD Tripod System on the Torch Relay. This experience was heightened on the Baton Relay with that great new feature - the high mounted release locks on both carbon fibre 2- Stage legs. How did we survive in the past?!"

Ian Oconnor and Kevin Bendall from Miller's London office provided local equipment support to the travelling team, as they captured many famous landmarks in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England including The Giant's Causeway, Stonehenge, Balmoral and Windsor Castles, and a visit to the bottom of Lochness in search of the infamous Nessie.