Miller Sharpshooters

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Remote ENG meets race coverage

They can't guarantee it won't rain on race day in Wetherby, Yorkshire, but production company Highflyer, armed with ENG camcorder and Miller Arrow/2-Stage Sprinter Carbon tripods, can guarantee a versatile roaming ENG feed delivering interviews, commentary and track footage to its OB van, sited at a major course, elsewhere in the UK.

 UK channel 4

The Highflyer roving unit is equipped with two 2-stage Carbon Fibre tripods, both with mid level spreaders, one lightweight aimed mainly at PSC use or where frequent change of position is required and one heavier duty for use where extra rigidity is needed. Two other Miller 2-Stage systems were commissioned by Highflyer earlier this year to service 'attheraces' a new day long racing program broadcast by Sky.

Miller was chosen for several reasons, a long and very happy association with Ian O'Connor in his previous job with Canon UK, a three year unconditional warranty and of course a competitive price. The pictures show Peter Roach, one of our regulars on Channel 4 Racing, operating on the Saturday morning 'Morning Line' program at Wetherby with presenters Graham Goode and Jim McGrath and later in the parade ring and winners enclosure.