Miller Sharpshooters

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Gary stands tall

 BCTV News on Global ENG guru Gary Hanney doesn't need a 2M (6'7") tripod to stand tall, especially after 36 years in the 24-hour news game. However, as the gruesome Pickton "pig farm" serial murder at Port Coquitlam, Vancouver, shaped up as the largest in North American history, Gary found a few new angles on his coverage with the help of the new Miller Sprinter XL tripod.
 Gary Hanney 1
"Initially I thought it was too big, never having used the hot pod I saw no real need to have the height," explains Gary. "After using it however I changed my mind. I found it easy to use, very convenient at the low (storage) height and a life-saver when having to shoot over vehicles and obstacles. It was so tall I had to carry a small 3-step stool I had at home. I later put a couple of zap-straps around the legs and attached a Miller carry strap to it. With that combo it was easy to get that great high shot and be able to stand high enough to look straight into the viewfinder without straining my neck looking up into the sky. A real handy tripod that fit real nice with the Arrow head."

Coincidentally Gary found the new tripod came in handy at another Vancouver murder scene, "The RCMP (Canadian police) were using a back-hoe to dig up a field looking for a body of someone missing and believed murdered in Surrey. I was able to use the Mid Level Spreader and extra height of the Sprinter XL to get excellent overview shots of the scene.