Miller Sharpshooters

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TV4 sprinting ahead

TV4 Gothemburg has been a Miller Arrow 50 supporter since Day 1, which happened to be four years ago, when Miller's Swedish distributor, Protel, won the contract for complete installation of this local channel, one of 11 "TV4" licensees spread across regional centres of Sweden.

Success for TV4 Gothemburg has prompted growth of their ENG department, so TV4 Technical Manager Michael Arwidsson recently returned to Protel's Mats Junger to order an additional three Miller Arrow fluid heads with Sprinter patented dual-lock 2-Stage carbon fibre tripods. Shown here is one of TV4's leading camera operators, who, according to Michael, is extremely happy with the results achieved using the Miller sticks.
 Sweden TV4

"The Miller Arrow with 2-Stage carbon Sprinter is the ultimate ENG support tool," comments Mats from Protel. "It has incredibly smooth fluid action, it is ultra-light and ultra-fast for rapid deployment, and it offers excellent price-performance with 3 year warranty - all-in-all the ideal news gathering package."