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DS25 does Brittany

Gabrielle and Patrice from Central Pro, France, continue to be one of Miller Camera Support's leading European distributors, supplying DS and Arrow systems to a broad selection of customers from production houses and regional TV stations to national networks.

The Breton population of France received a major boost for their ancient Celtic language in late 2002 with the launch of the first Breton television station - TV Breizh, based in Lorient. TV Breizh equipped itself with latest camera technology, docking 6 x Sony DSR570's to Sony DSR-DU1 hard disk recorders. To support their new digital dockables, TV Breizh chose 6 x Miller tripods 6 DS25 with Sprinter carbon tripods.
 France TV Briezh

TV Breizh is a cultural channel whose raison d'etre is to comprehensively cover all the local current events and Breton traditions in this historically significant region. The programs are broadcast in Breton and in French language. Breton is closely related to Welsh, is not officially recognised by the French government, although it is spoken by about 540,000 people in Brittany.