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Dealing with Burma's Devil

sbs_ginny2Ginny Stein’s role as freelancer and video journalist for SBS Australia’s Dateline current affairs program, pushes the limits of job diversity. Armed with her PD150, Miller DS10 fluid head, SOLO tripod, Ginny tackles hard news where it happens in the jungles and cities of  SE-Asia and Indochine, often venturing deep into enemy territory to get the real story.

Recently Ginny trucked deep into Thailand reaching the Moi River, which runs along the border of Burma and Thailand. She was there to report on the cross-border smuggling and human trafficking that goes on. After she completed this assignment took to a boat to cross the Moi River into Burma and into Karen freedom fighter country.

The Karen are one of the main ethnic guerilla forces that have been waging war against the military junta in Burma for decades. Ginny met with the rebels, stayed overnight in their camp, and talked to the soldiers about their campaign against Burma's military dictatorship.

Ginny was on the move through deep jungle and needed to keep her kit to a minimum. The PD150 and Miller tripod let her travel lightly, but still ensured she captured broadcast quality video, aired on SBS's Dateline Program, during Australian primetime television.  YOu can read the transcript of the Ginny's report on

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(1511) DS10 Solo 75-2 (carbon fibre)

The DS10 Solo system combines the ultralight, ultra rigid carbon fibre Solo tripod with the versatile DS10 75mm ball levelling head & selectable counterbalance. With a height range from 757mm/29.8" all the way up to 1467mm/57.6" DS10 Solo 75 CF system suits 2.5-5 kg/5.5-11 lbs MiniDV and DVCAM payloads from barebones to fully stacked PD150 or Canon XL-1.