Miller Sharpshooters

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Miller grounds air show

Rock-steady zooms and soaring, silk-smooth pans are what characterize the brilliant work of Scott airv_1Guyette, Executive Producer at EAA Television. As one of the growing band of Arrow 30 devotees, EAA's images reflect, in part, the quality of Miller's location support.

Scott and the EAA team capture the aerobatics, record attempts and exciting new developments in recreational aviation showcased by the Oshkosh-based Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA AirVenture).

EAA AirVenture are renowned for their breathtaking aviation displays. Their latest project: Oshkosh 2004: The Next 100 Years: just aired on Discovery Wings Channel and is due for DVD release in November. The one-hour magazine-style program features highlights of the 52nd annual event held recently at Wittman Regional Airport, and includes features about Mike Melville, pilot of SpaceShipOne and the first private astronaut; the arrival of the Very Light Jet pioneered by Eclipse Aviation; and stunning performances by some of the world’s top aerobatics teams

Scott’s 20 years with EAA equate to 20 years using Miller tripods and heads in his other role as cameraman. “We have two Miller tripods (still in use) from the early 80's that get good use from our  staff usariv2and volunteers. Obviously, the technology has improved quite a bit and we cannot wait to use the new Miller Tripods each year at AirVenture Oshkosh.” His new 1541 system, comprising the Arrow 30 with Sprinter 2-Stage Carbon Fiber tripod and Mid Level Spreader, arrived just in time for the Oshkosh shoot.

In Scott’s words, he is a “true believer in the Miller product”, adding “their fluid heads are far superior to other head manufactures. Shooting aircraft demands a wide variety of motion and if the fluid head is not extremely smooth, you'll notice it right away.”

Scott sees the Arrow 30 as another technology and quality updgrade along the Miller evolutionary path.

“I can tell a quality fluid head in about five seconds... Miller is a quality fluid head. In the last five years, Miller has come a long way in providing carbon fiber durable sticks. I wasn't sold on the durability aspect until I used them in the last couple of years. Being in the experimental aircraft Meccaof aviation, this technology (carbon fiber) was a perfect match in the tripod industry... extremely durable and light weight.”

Oshkosh 2004: The Next 100 Years is the latest in a series of joint projects between EAA and Discovery Wings Channel that feature and promote recreational aviation. Previous projects include From The Ground Up, a 13-part, step-by-step series on how to build a kit plane, and the weekly Sport Aviation television show. Outdoor footage for the program was shot on the new Arrow 30/Sprinter carbon support combo.

And Miller has been, and will continue to be an active yet transparent contributor to the quality and creativity of this above-ground-breaking air venture.