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Miller shows plenty of puck in NJ

 The Continental Airlines Arena (CAA), more commonly known as "Meadowlands" by the New Jersey locals in East Rutherford New Jersey, is home to three legendary sporting outfits: the New Jersey Devils, current Stanley cup holders in America's NHL ice hockey league; The New Jersey Nets, NBA basketball aspirants; and the Miller DS60 Sports/EFP tripod system.

 USA Continental Arena

According to Meadowlands Sports Complex Technical Supervisor, Mario Musa, the Miller DS60 occupies the starring support role beneath the main house-camera for game coverage. "The house-camera feed is the main feed we record for replay, and for in-house video boards". The DS60 supports a Sony DXC-D30 with CA-TX7 camera adaptor mounted with Canon J33ax11B4 lens. It's all telephoto work so stability is absolutely essential. Mario explains, "Camera movement needs to be perfectly smooth, and the ability to start and stop a pan or tilt without any camera shake is absolutely essential. We have this kind of reliability with the Miller DS60 tripod, which is why we became a proud owner!"

Sales Manager for Miller Camera Support USA, Gus Harilaou, has offered superb backup to the CAA Meadowlands team, often enduring late mid-week nights watching Devils' victories, just to ensure the full satisfaction of his customer.
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