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The Penguin Diaries - Part 3

Dear HeidiMacey Hut

We're now based out of a small hut about 50 kms off station. Pretty Spartan living out there, but close to the penguin colony.

All going extremely well. Extraordinary location, magic winter light like no other place I've seen on Earth and flawless performance from the DS 60, regardless of the continual temperatures now around -20 Celsius.

I'm just back on station for a couple of days to drop off exposed film and collect some more food etc. I planned to send you in an update, but I need to rush back out to location while the weather's good and there's still some light. Sun light decreasing in gulps of about 20 mins a day now. This morning dawn was at 1200 and dusk at 1600 - I get to have a casual morning's start and then work the Magic Hour......which lasts for four! In less than a month, there will be just less than an hours twilight, to call a day. Meanwhile though the night sky burns constantly with the Aurora Australis.

So sorry not to send in more news right now. I'll take my laptop out to the hut this trip and put something together (during the long dark hours which are now a plenty) and email in when I come back to station in about three weeks.

Best for now


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