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DV on the Hunt; a hunter's view

Jim Kinsey

Jim Kinsey from Montana DV recently added a DS20 Solo system to his kit of camera support; you may have read his previous story that covered the bushfires in the western region of the United States with his trusty Miller DS10 Lightweight System. For all his adventurous travels Jim was perfectly suited to the very popular SOLO tripod and has most recently been trekking around Alaskan territories filming footage for the Magnum Hunt Club before preparing to the leave for the African wilderness next week…

Here’s all the news from Jim over the last few months of his adventures with his
new Solo 20 System

fly fishing on Lake Lac de GrasFly Fishing – 2nd August

Hi Heidi
I have just returned from the Northwest Territories of Canada. An amazing thing happened while filming a sequence of fly fishing for lake trout, in an area of Lake "Lac de Gras" called the narrows. A white wolf showed up only 20 ft away. The miller tripod performed flawlessly while he swam this small channel after a band of caribou that had just crossed earlier. It was an experience I will never forget shooting a sequenceand Miller camera support system was there for me when I needed it most. Thanks for a rugged, lightweight tripod that held up to the extremes I put it through 150 miles south of the artic circle.

I am scheduled to film the Nosler bullet guys on Victoria Island, Northwest Territories. Hunting Musk Ox as well as the annual caribou migration shortly there after. I will be filming coastal grizzly in Alaska and an African safari as well. This will all take place between now and the middle of October and Miller camera support will be with me all the way.

Victoria Island – 5th September

shooitng a sequence Well I met some amazing people. Like John Nosler General Manager of Nosler Bullets and his father Bob Nosler. I filmed four Musk Ox kills on Victoria Island. We were in a friendly town called Holman which is located on the Southwest corner of the island and has a population of 500 people. The Artic Ocean is cold as hell with seals, Polar bear and the likes hanging around. I never saw a polar bear but am told by the locals once the ocean freezes they come into town. Victoria Island isthe 2nd largest island in Canada and the 9th largest in the world. I have seen some of the most beautiful creatures, bearded and harp seals swimming in Queens Bay, Musk Ox fighting for females as the breeding season peaks, Lemmings crawling under our tents and Snowy owl chicks trying to fly on the open tundra. I am literally 350 miles from the NORTH POLE.

I arrived in Yellowknife yesterday and cleaned up all my gear. Tomorrow headed up north gain by float plane to Lac de Gras Caribou camp. In my hand I hold three tags, one for the wolf and the other two for Caribou and wolverine. I will be staying in Lac de Gras for 3 days then flying to Courageous Lake. I will be producing a video for our Magnum hunt club in the next few weeks.


To top it all off I will be heading to Costal Alaska for a brown bear hunt on the 27th of September thru to the 10th of October then home for a few days and off to the Dark Continent Africa for elephant and plains game October 16th thru the 29th.

Back from the Alaskan Hunt ….. 14th October

Hello again.

on the hunt for footageJim here, writing you from Anchorage  this fine Thursday morning. I am headed back to Montana for a whole 3 days then on the road to Tanzania-Africa on the 16th of Oct. I have just returned from an amazing part of our planet. The Alaskan Peninsula  , a.k.a The Ring of Fire. There were volcanoes visible from camp as well as more brown bear walking around than people. I was fortunate enough to not get eaten along the way and brought back 9 hours of footage of this fascinating part of our planet.

We saw an average of 25 bears a day in various valleys and walking along the beaches during low tide. These are the largest bears in the world because of their food source being so abundant. The hunter, Jeff Woodley was able to shoot this 9' 6" bear at a distance of 35 ft. Yes I was scared to death on the final approach while filming this sequence.

However I kept the camera rolling and was able to capture the bear standing up at 35 ft while Jeff took aim and made a clean kill on this giant brown bear. I have been scared a few times but what really rattled my cage was we had to go through a sow and 1 cub to get to the bear that Jeff eventually shot. This was a true test to anyone nerves. Once we got by them I was on auto pilot.

So if you are the hunting type, or are just looking for some great adventure videos,
log onto the website at

Regards Jim.

You can find out more about Jim and his adventurous business of filming the extreme nature of this world check out his website Montana DV Website We look forward to hearing more heart-stopping stories in the next instalment from Jim, when he returns from the wilds of Africa.

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