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Clive Souness, proprietor, cameraman, stills photographer, editor, marketing, crew leader and creative brainwave behind the event covering media team of Kahuna Digital after crossing paths by chance prior to the Sydney fashion Week, a very high profile event held earlier this year in Australia, Miller’s Heidi Tobin took some time out of Clive’s busy schedule to get to know the life involved into making the small business work out of big business events!

kahuna1So Clive you have just been to Melbourne what events were you covering?
I filmed at Melbourne's Mercedes Australian Fashion Week, which is the Autumn/Winter parades for next year, and also filmed for Moet & Chandon, French Champagne, in their tent at the Derby Day and Melbourne Cup.

What happens to the images that you capture at events such as the Melbourne Cup or the Melbourne Fashion Week?
With the Fashion Week, I was filming the shows for designers; Wayne Cooper, who is one of the Rock and Roll designers in Australia,flew me down to cover his Autumn/Winter range. I had four cameras filming his parade. We put an edit together onto a DVD. Wayne and his team send these to his buyers internationally and locally, and also they are also played at his stores to increase exposure of the new range to customers.

kahuna2With Melbourne Cup and Derby Day for Moet & Chandon, they invest a large budget in putting together a beautiful tent to host celebrities and their special guests during Spring Carnival. My role is to showcase the event by filming the tent and the people who come to socialise at the Moet & Chandon event. From this we create at 5 to 7 minute edit to highlight the opulence of the event. The purpose of producing such a showcase is to feature their event to the International Marketing Division of Moet & Chandon France  which confirms their budgets for the upcoming year. The DVD is literally sent immediately to Champagne, France to their headquarters for review by management.

Does Kahuna Digital concentrate only on these types of event clients or do you cover more diverse areas of media coverage?
We definitely do specialise in fashion and events. We are interested in anything that needs to look groovy. We have a youth focus, which is noticeable in the style of my work because youth has that edginess that we try and achieve in every edit. My main stable of clients is fashion and events. We’ve done more diverse projects in previous years.

How long has Kahuna been working with such events?
Kahuna Digital was formerly Kahuna Productions. We pretty well started with Fashion Week in Sydney  in 1996, so we are also celebrating a 10th anniversary too. And before that my background was adventure video and fashion stills, although these days its basically fashion video. I still do love doing stills photography as well.

kahuna3What’s the best thing about your job?
A whole range of people to work with, never get bored. Fantastic lifestyle, lots of fun.

What’s the worst thing about your job?
Usual creative stuff, I’m underpaid and overworked.   I do love my job, it is long hours and a brain drain, creating the best edit for your clients. Probably the worst thing is just how much of a mental workout you get in the edit room without a physical parallel.

What equipment do you use?
I’m trying stick with main brands; I’ve found a lot of main brands do work together well. So we are on laptops with Apple, Macintosh G4s, then Sony is my video camera equipment. Generally I prefer Nikon as my stills gear, but we also shoot with Canon, and then, basically, Miller tripods, everything in our camera support is Miller at the moment, and we are happy with the performance edge they give me in the field.


You’re a recent user of the NEW Miller SOLO tripods, how have they changed your productions?

The first time I used them was at spring/summer fashion week in Sydney,we really missed the tripods at Melbourne Fashion Week last year, doing autumn/winter, and was determined to set it right this time. So for Sydney  at the beginning of this year, I borrowed the DS10 Solo System for the first time to check it out.    It completely changed the quality of my shots, it was unbelievable, and definitely gave us much smoother shots. The extra height of the tripod put us above of the whole media pack, working for designers we can get the preferred positions, but anyone can turn up at the last minute. Once you are filming and the parade starts, there’s no time to negotiate with other people about where they are standing, so having that extra height on the tripod makes a huge difference.

We also placed a second tripod which was a more traditional style, but that’s much easier position, we achieved alot smoother shots with the good solid fluid head on the top of the tripod.

The Kahuna edit style has a loose element that only works when you got a strong platform of solid smooth shots to work with in the edit room. We had two cameras delivering perfect, smooth images, meaning that you could really have some fun with the loose handheld monopod shots in the final cut. 

What’s your next project?
Pretty well a new reel, so we can send out to all the agencies this year. I’m trying to reintroduce a bit more adventure back into the Kahuna Digital mix, with more focus on edginess of youth. So we’ve got a couple of crazy ideas involving a few mad cars, and a few long boards, skate boards, and few crazy guys and girls. We have shot some stuff over the Christmas period which is normally a bit quiet, and also some underwater footage to add to the reel, so we present a diversified and growing Kahuna Digital for next season and hopefully pick up some great new jobs!

Where do you hope Kahuna goes in the future?
Got a couple of scripts under my belt that I’d love to present one of these days and then somebody to give me a lot of money to get on and do them. They don’t need to be million dollar productions, for me to produce them but you need a couple of hundred grand in the bank. 

To maintain what I’m doing now for my clients and have the ability to try new and different creative ideas. But overall maintain what I’m doing, working with good people, breeding my dogs, driving faster, and to have fun!


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