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From Ground Zero to Gold

Gary Hanney has earned his ENG stripes over a dynamic career that culminated in his recognition by the Canadian Association of Broadcasters with a "Distinguished Service Award" for his work as an ENG cameraman.

Working with BCTV, Gary was one of the first foreign cameramen to arrive at Ground Zero after the September 11th terrorist attack. He remained in New York a couple of weeks to cover unfolding events. "I was there to cover clean up operations and reactions, as well as events and people, including the Canadian Firefighters who travelled to New York to commemorate their fallen comrades."

 Gary Hanney 2
From the sadness and devastation of the World Trade Centre, Gary made his way to Salt Lake City, where Americans had begun to invest their optimism in the upcoming Winter Olympics Games. "The Pre-Olympic coverage is very popular in the build-up to the main event." comments Gary. "It provides a platform for viewers to observe and get to know the participants before they become competitors." Gary worked with BCTV global Network reporter, Brian Coxford, covering final team selection, as well as providing venue information from locations like Park City, the site for the Olympic Ski Jump competition. Gary or his Miller Arrow tripod system weren't lonely in SLC.

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) news made a significant investment in Miller's new Arrow/Sprinter ENG systems just prior to the Games, with more than half of the tripods purchased destined for Salt Lake City. "I have worked with Miller for a few years now and have been really impressed by the new design work that has obviously gone into their products." Says Gary. "In addition to enhancing their reputation for longevity and reliability in tough ENG conditions, they have significantly increased the feature list on their heads."

"Most importantly however, is the exceptionally smooth pan and tilt action that remains consistent under an extreme range of temperature and weather conditions." Gary's final rap was for Miller Tripods Canada. "Roger and the guys at Miller offer fantastic product support, which is absolutely essential in ENG. I haven't had any problems with the Miller gear so far, but it?s good to know that , should you need it, support is a priority with your supplier."
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