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Carolina News

Frank NesterAward winning news gatherer, Frank Nester, asks a lot from his gear. As owner of Carolina News Crews, and 15-year videography veteran, Frank has covered nearly every hurricane to hit the US East Coast, including the devastating Hurricane Andrew in South Florida.

Frank has worked with plenty of support over the years, including Miller, and jumped at the chance to try the new Sprinter when he came to New York for nearly four weeks of Ground Zero reporting following September 11. "I chose the Sprinter because I have been satisfied with Miller products in the past, and they have always help up, "comments Frank, adding, "and, I got more bang for my buck, since Miller is reasonably priced."

Covering changeable news such as storms and disasters using formats ranging from SX and SP to DVCPRO, Frank needs support that is bulletproof, versatile and sets up quickly and easily. He chose the DS30 fluid head and Sprinter 2-Stage as the best value and performance match to the type of news he covers and the range of camera/battery configuration he uses. "I was very impressed with the Sprinter tripod while working at Ground Zero. The new legs are easy to maneuver with very little effort. The DS30 also delivers smooth, selectable drag and gives me a choice in counterbalance to handle varying camera payloads."

Frank underplays the fact he has been honoured with many awards over the years from Associated Press and the National Press Photographers Association. He also plays down the life-threatening situations he places himself in to capture his images. So, naturally, his closing comments about Miller's latest ENG tripod conceal a similar level of understatement. "The Sprinter performed very well". Thanks Frank, we know what you mean.
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