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I am just ...

 "What path should I walk on?" Asked the boy to his father. His father replied,  "My son, follow the path that is directly infront of you." -Extract from "I am just".

The devastation of the Gujrath Earthquake in January 26th 2001, acted as a catalyst that drew three Australians on an amazing journey through India. "I am just", is the inspiring journey of these three Australians that takes them through a nation of a billion, documenting "bridges" between east and west and in so doing achieving a greater purpose. Some of the locations covered include: the magnificent greenery of parts of Southern India, the devastation at the Earthquake Zone in Gujarat, the harsh, dry arid land of Uttar Pradesh, and the spectacular mountainous regions of northern India.

 India DV doco

The most moving moments for myself was the time spent with the children, particularly the orphaned. Their smiles simply filled our hearts. Shooting during the Maha Kumbha Mela was an incredibly overwhelming experience. For the Maha Kumbha occurs once every 144 years. A gathering of over 60 million people over 3 months coming together for one common purpose, to dip in the sacred waters at the confluence of three sacred rivers.

The DS 10 stood up very well through the rigors of travel through India. The reliability of the heads action, the control and stability of the system were very satisfying. It traveled in a well-padded soft case that did a remarkable job. To endure the travels through the Indian Rail system over three months is a challenge on its own. To have the tripod reach each destination intact, fully functional and "glitch" free was the least to say, very pleasing.

The journey through this land of a billion felt as if we were guided. I'm simply humbled by the help from so many people our crew has received in making this project possible. Unfortunately, 2/3 of the way through the journey someone could not resist in helping himself to our Miller DS 10. I don't blame him. I really missed the DS 10 whilst temporarily using the substitute tripod.
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