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HD Magic at Film Art 2000

Hong Kong's leading production house, "Digital Magic" is one of Asia's most recent purchasers of the Arrow fluid head.

Digital Magic at Film Art 2000Acquired to support a Sony HDCAM-700 HDTV camcorder, the package had its first showing during "FilmArt 2000" an international film technology and information exchange event held in the Hong Kong Convention Centre. Digital Magic's Chief engineer, Francis Yau "couldn't believe it was so light," adding, "but its also very stable and silk-smooth with sufficient drag to handle a range of accessories loading."

CT Technology, Miller's Hong Kong/Macao distributor, has been very successful in promoting Miller's new range amongst local broadcasters and video producers. Although CT is less than two years old, the experience of directors Jackey Cheng (formerly JVC) and Kim Tang (ex-TVB) have helped the company quickly establish a reputation for high level technical knowledge and support.
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