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Creamedia captures festival

Creamedia captures festivalThe Venezian Festival of water, fire and light, in the harbour town of Kokkola, Finland, is a century-old event that celebrates the seaport's ocean-going tradition. On the last weekend of August, the whole town and its sea shores are illuminated by colourful lanterns, bonfires and fireworks.

Leading media company, Creamedia had the task of capturing the spirit of the festival for a TV commercial. The footage included scenes showing Villa Elba, one of Kokkola's harbour landmarks. Creamedia MD and cinematographer, Juha Erkkila, shown on location at Villa Elba, capturing the action, comments on his decision to shoot with Digital Betacam and Miller. "We wanted to renew our shooting equipment for the new millennium. We tested various digital camcorder systems and spent a lot of time to evaluate the whole set up including camera support. We were looking for quality, not for compromises and the same policy applies to all our productions."

Erkkila continues, "Timo Puukka from Qualitron Oy Ab, Miller's distributor in Finland, introduced us to the Miller Arrow System and we were convinced immediately. Arrow has proved to be very flexible for different kinds of shooting locations. Especially, the smooth operation of the fluid head has been praised by our cameramen."

The Venezian Festival

Creamedia Finland Ltd. is a full service media company providing a wide range of cutting-edge communication and new media services to their clients. The service portfolio incorporates a complete line from traditional ad agency services to event marketing. See their portfolio on Miller at work.
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