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Trek Friendly Projib lightens load

IcelandHow do you shoot a commercial in the mountains of Iceland when the only transport is a Jeep for equipment and crew? Peter Koning and his 5-man team from Belgium's Eurogrip asked this plenty of times before a recent trip into the Icelandic wilds.

"Normally we work with cranes and dollies that were too heavy to go on the plane and certainly not easy to carry through the mountains," explained Peter. "After a lot of searching, we came to Miller. They have very nice lightweight equipment like the Miller Projib portable jib arm for shooting in difficult locations. What we liked about the ProJib is that it folds down into a compact 1.2m and weighs only 11 kg. " Stable for its size Peter shot the commercial with a SUPER16 Arriflex camera mounted on the Projib. "Our cameraman was very pleased with how easy it was to set up the Projib, and surprised how fast we could move the whole system for short distances on the same location, We were very satisfied and found the Projib to be remarkably stable for such a lightweight system."

For the next remote shoot, Peter has at least answered one question in advance. "A rough countryside, no time to waste, moving images, transportable, no high costs of air cargo: in the future it's no problem for us - we take a Miller Projib." The Miller Projib is extremely light and compact and is designed to be set up by one person in the field. The Projib is now available in a system with the Arrow 50 fluid head and new HD100 Single Stage alloy or HD100 2-Stage carbon fibre tripod.
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