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In a digital state

Kalf Al-EnaziKuwait Dubai Electronic Co. has made the first digital format sale in Kuwait following delivery of the country's first Digital Betacam camcorders and editors.

Pictured below is Mr Kalf Al-Enazi, director of a private production company, with his newly-acquired Sony DVW-79OWSP digital camcorder. The 16:9 camera is mounted on an Arrow 50 fluid head with 2-Stage carbon fibre tripod. "Mr Al Enazi is one of my best customers," states Mr Mohammed A. Jad, KDE's president. Mr Jad continues, "I have many customers with similar Miller systems. We were able to match the support technology to the quality of the camera. Mr Al Enazi is delighted with his purchase and is already reaping the benefits of his transition to new digital technology and advanced digital support". 
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