Miller Sharpshooters

DVography with altitude

As dawn breaks over sleepy Temora, the clanging sound of hangar doors opening disturbs the peace and chill of the cool, country air. Inside, there’s already a flurry of activity, with aircraft engineers working to ensure the static display of veteran fighter aircraft are in pristine flying condition, ready to burst into life before a crowd of waiting spectators.  Steve Moxey 2
This is one of 10 annual Temora Aviation Museum ( flying days when historic Vampires, Wirraways, Canberra bombers, Spitfires, and a newly arrived Gloster-Meteor are taken to the skies by museum owner David Lowy and his band of ex-fighter pilots in a unique demonstration of historical aircraft and modern wingmanship.

Film-maker, aviator and storyteller Steve Moxey, director or Mox Productions, is always on hand to capture airborne and ground footage of the aircraft, as well as the buzz of the flying day.

"My original idea was to capture the flying day and create a film that would be shown in the museum theatre, where people would be able to see and hear rare and historic aircraft like the Gloster-Meteor, which is the only one of its type flying in the world!”

DS10: ideal support for XL1

"To achieve this I have been using a Canon XL1s, which produces beautiful images, is lightweight and I am able to use different lenses like the Canon Mv5iMC telephoto. Canon support has been fantastic. And talking about support, my Miller DS10 tripod has been tremendous, enabling smooth and accurate capture of these fast moving objects, often at extreme shooting angles”.

 Steve Moxey 1
“The fluid action of the Miller pan and tilt and the stability of the alloy tripod under telephoto conditions set the Miller worlds apart from stills-style ‘DV’ support which doesn’t offer the professional action, features and durability of the Miller system.”

As Steve’s aviation work flys on, his company is busy with corporate and educational video production, as well as an ‘art house’ film in post, and a few ‘secret’ projects in pre-production.



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