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HD History of the World

Award-winning ACS cinematographer, Pieter De Vries is capturing the world in HD, and taking Miller's Arrow fluid head and HD 2-stage Carbon Fibre tripod along with him for support.

First stop for Piet, working with production company NRS Group, was Turkey, Iran & China. The focus of the trip was to obtain high quality footage in the High Definition format for use in the production of 100 X 30 minute documentaries, a series commissioned for broadcast on China's CCTV and being overseen by NRS Group Executive Producer, Graham Patrick. "The series is essentially, a chronology of the world's history," explains Piet, adding, ?It involves in part, filming many sites of significant archaeological and historical interest producing a signposted time line of history.
 Piet de Vries HDWorld

On this first trip, filming locations were the coast of Eastern Turkey and the barren deserts of Iran."Here, in the middle of summer, it meant enduring long forty degree days. I would expect that over the next year or so there will be journeys to South America and a fair chunk of shooting in China, Europe and the UK. It is a very visually centred series, with the Hi Def format allowing the viewer to thoroughly absorb the images."

As DoP, Piet was looking for a head/tripod combination to suit the production's HDW-F900 Cine Alta camcorder. "It's no lightweight, and I'm inclined to use a decent matte box and a number of sizeable telephoto lenses. This required a combination that provided 35mm capacity and precision, 16mm portability, and the robustness to stay with the project for the many and varied locations and shooting conditions." "Miller's HD Arrow head worked beyond my expectations, giving me a surprising balance of precision, weight and features. I managed to get all the shots I needed, and as it's a reasonably lightweight rig, I felt that the ability to pick up and carry the equipment fairly long distances showed in the diversity and quality of the resulting footage."

Conditions for the crew in Iran ranged from hot and dry to hotter and drier. "Apart from excessive heat, it was a dry and dusty environment. The HD Arrow had no problem with any of these conditions. It was a delight to use and the ideal companion for my Cine Alta set up."
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